Artistic Research | Künstlerische Forschung

In November 2021, I received funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG) in order to build an expert network on artistic research in the German speaking area. From 2022 until 2025 we will work on Artistic Music Research and hope to contribute massively to the debate and implementation of artistic research into music universities and music studies.

Research aims and publications:

My interest lies especially in the application and formation of research methods and the collaboration and interdisciplinary discourse within the academic field. I’m currently working on a discourse analysis about Artistic Research in music in general and the application of artistic and practice-based research to popular music and jazz.

Besides, I peer-reviewed articles for an publication (Routledge) on Artistic Research and published an article, in which I try to develop a method of presenting the research of autoethnography in different ways.

In October 2021, another peer-reviewed article on artistic research and popular music (in German) with seminal discussion about the application of artistic research to popular music studies was published as open access.

For 2022, I was accepted with a paper about artistic research and popular music for a special issue on practice-based research of the international peer-reviewed journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, IASPM@journal.

Another paper about artistic reseach, with Michael Kahr, will be published in the extensive Handbook of Popular Music Methodologies (Intellect), ed. by Mike Dines, Fiorenzo Palermo and Shara Rambarran in late 2022.

In September 2021, I took over the Course Leadership for the new MA program „Popular Music and Practice“ at BIMM Berlin. Here, I lead the modules on „Practice & Research“ and the „Major Project, which aim to connect high level research and popular music practice.

Artistic Jazz Research Network

In October 2019, Michael Kahr organized the „1st International Artistic Research in Jazz“-Symposium. I talked about research issues and proposed a collaborative approach.

At the symposium, we officially founded the international Artistic Jazz Research Network with colleagues from Norway, Serbia, Austria, Australia, USA, among others. I was invited for a talk and prestented on artistic research as collaborative practice.