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This pages shall give you a brief overview about my academic work. Feel free to contact me via wolf-georg.zaddach [at] t-online.de

If you’re interested in my work as a musician and composer, please see my musician’s page here!


[ Nov 2021]

Happy to announce that a transcript of a roundtable discussion on music, climate change and sustainability is available now as open access (in German).

[Oct 2021]

My latest article on artistic research and popular music in German is out now as open access!

[Sept 2021]

I’m happy to announce that I took over the Course Leadership for the new MA program „Popular Music and Practice“ at BIMM Berlin. I also lead the modules on „Practice & Research“ leading into the „Major Project“

[May 2021]

I started a new temporary post-doc position at the Institute of Art, Music and Dissemination at the Leuphana University Lüneburg. Besides teaching and supporting Prof. Dr. Michael Ahlers I will work mainly on Artistic Research in Jazz and Popular Music.

[March 2021]

I did two interviews about music culture and sustainability / climate crisis, one for the journalist Dominik Schrader (you can find the German article here), and one for the German radio station MDR Kultur.

[February 2021]

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be part of an expert group for a special isssue of the journal Popular Music History on „Narrating Popular Music History of the GDR“.

[February 2021]

I’ll be presenting about climate crisis and popular music at the 4th IASPM D-A-CH Conference @ Paderborn University, 11. – 13. March 2021, online

[February 2021]

I got an „innovation grant“ from the Faculty of Musicology, Music pedagogy and Music Theory at the University of Music for a lecturer series on digital music cultures: „‚Sounding Future – Future (Is) Sound‘: Digitale Transformation der Musikkultur. Aktuelle Debatten und Perspektiven“

[October 2020]

The event of the Goethe Institute Caracas, Venzuela, originally planned for April 2020, can finally happen as part of the Metal en Casa-Program: 45min lecture about heavy metal in Germany followed by a Q&A as an online event.

[September 2020]

I took part at the annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Popularmusikforschung and presented about Artistic Research and its potentials for popular music studies.

[July 2020]

I was invited to a round table discussion and presentation about heavy metal in the GDR by the Stiftung Ettersberg at the memorial Andreassstraße in Erfurt Germany, a former Stasi prison, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MemxiniQ_A

The German TV television MDR took the chance to interview me briefly and created an interesting short documentary: https://www.ardmediathek.de/mdr/video/mdr-thueringen-journal/zeitreise-in-die-heavy-metal-szene-der-ddr/mdr-thueringen/Y3JpZDovL21kci5kZS9iZWl0cmFnL2Ntcy80YjFlZWUwZi1kNzkyLTQxY2UtYTFkOC1iNjQwOWM3ZDMyNGM/

[February 2020]
The Germanbroadcasting MDR interviewed me about heavy metal in the GDR. In 2019, I gave several interviews to share my research with the public, for a full list see here.

[February 2020]
The Goethe-Institut Caracas, Venezuela invited me to a lecture and workshop about heavy metal in Germany and heavy metal as academic topic for April 25/26. UPDATE: The event had been canceled due to the Corona-Pandemic. 

[Oct 2019]
I will visit Vienna for the „1st International Artistic Research in Jazz“ Symposium and talk about research issues and propose a collaborative approach. Here, we officially founded the international Artistic Jazz Research Network with colleagues from Norway, Serbia, Austria, Australia, USA, among others.

[Sept 2019]
I wrote an article about current issues in music industry: change of reception, working conditions of musicians and future challenges. It is published in the Journal of Cultural Management 2019/1.

[July 2019]
Past month, I presented at the International Metal Studies conference in France. At the end of month I will publish an essay on Music economy and an article about heavy metal in the GDR.

[May 2019]
New Publication! Following our conference on Jazz Research we compiled a book, with an introduction by Martin Pfleiderer and me and a chapter about practice-based research!

Jazzforschung heute. Themen, Methoden, Perspektiven, Berlin: Edition EMVAS 2019, mit Martin Pfleiderer.

Martin Pfleiderer und Wolf-Georg Zaddach: Jazzforschung heute. Eine Einführung  |  7-17

Wolf-Georg Zaddach: »Groove is the essence of my music«. Wayne Krantz‘ guitar playing from a practice-based perspective  |  133-146

[March 2019]
2-pages-Interview about my research @RockHard magazine, 3/2019!

[Oct 2018]
Radio interview about my book at Deutschlandfunk

[August 2018]

New Publication: Heavy Metal in der DDR, coming out September 2018!

[March 2018]
New conference and workshop appearances in 2018: Siegen @ Hard Wired 6, for a 3Sat-report see here, Stendal about youth cultures in the GDR, Berlin/Macromedia about Music Business Studies.

[November 2017]
New book about jazz analysis and theory as Co-Editor. I provided chapters analyzing solos by Michael Brecker, Chris Potter, and Branford Marsalis! The book is available as open-access publication / free download.

[February, 26th 2017] 
Dissertation about the metal scene in 1980s East Germany officially submitted!

Also, new conferences scheduled: Besides Olomouc/Czech Republic in March, I will present my research in Budapest/Hungary in May and Helsinki/Finland in June!

[January 17]
I got an invitation to present at the „Popular music in communist and post-communist Europe: state of research, perspectives“ at the Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic, March 28th – 29th. I’m really happy about that and looking forward to present about my research on metal in the GDR.

[January 17]
Here’s an interview about my research on metal in the GDR (in German), by the newspaper Ostthüringer Zeitung. I did that a while ago and just found online. Many thanks to Tatjana Böhme-Mehner!

[October 16]
Autumn is going to be busy again! Three guest lectures (Hochschule für Musik Weimar, University of Southern Denmark Odense, Stiftung Ettersberg) and two conferences (Surrey/UK and Hamburg) – See below!

[April 16]
I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be providing a chapter about „Heavy metal in Germany“ for the upcoming Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World, vol. VIII-XIII, edited by John Sheperd and David Horn.

[March 16]
This year is going to be interesting. Besides finishing my Ph.D. in late summer /early autumn, I’m going to present at a lot of interesting conferences this year, check the presentation section below!

[Jan 16] 
New publications, among them two international and double-blind-peer-reviewed, are going to be released this year, check the publication section!

[July 15]
Honored to be consultant and guest lecturer for an international music business week by the Initiative Musik and the National Department of Foreign Affairs (Auswärtige Amt)

[June 15]
I recently provided some expertise for an article about the concept and image of rockbands, which you can find here (in German!)

[march 15]
Here you can read an interview with me about protest music (in German!): Akruetzel_Zaddach